Video-sharing social media site YouTube has released data claiming unprecedented growth in both the volume of video material regularly uploaded to its site and the number of views received.

According to the site, which is now owned by search engine giant Google, the quantity of video material it receives via upload each minute has risen exponentially from six hours per minute during its launch year of 2007, to 24 hours per minute in 2010; and to 60 hours per minute in the present day (or, of course, it is keen to point out, one hour of video material every second).

In the past six months alone, the company says, the volume in video uploads has increased by 30%.

Meanwhile, YouTube has also claimed a substantial increase in its viewing figures; boasting 800 million viewers per month. The company also claims that four billion video views take place on its site each day across the globe; a rise of 25% in the past eight months.

YouTube points out that this volume of viewing equates to one video being watched each day by half the population on the planet. Furthermore, the company insists, its viewing figures are still growing.

The growth in video material and viewing trends can of course only help to enhance YouTube’s reputation as one of the best sites for investing in pay per click (PPC) online advertising.

YouTube recently restyled its home page to try and reposition itself more as a social networking site, whilst promoting its capacity for supplying feature-length films.