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Best Western

The Client

In March 2010, PushON were selected to partner Brazen PR in the development and promotion of an exciting national competition for Best Western hotels.

The Challenge

Playing on the “hotels with personality” strap line, Best Western wanted to run a campaign across the country that would encourage participation, get people talking, and highlight the personality of the brand.

To deploy the idea, Brazen PR setup and managed a series of auditions throughout England and Scotland, and invited people to come along to show off their personality – be it singing, dancing, or something completely different. The competition was supported by a website, with all of the development, voting and interaction facilitated by PushON.

The Strategy

Many offline competitions by big brands are run with no consideration for digital. The Best Western “Britain’s Got Personality” competition was different however, with Best Western recognising the power of integrating with online, and Brazen PR wishing to support and encourage participation through the use of social media.

Prior to the start of the campaign, PushON advised on the most appropriate means of using online to encourage engagement – both via the deployment of a branded mini-site, and through the use of social networking websites (primarily Twitter and Facebook). A website was developed that would facilitate videos from all of the events, allowing people to comment and vote on their favourite – the results of which would be used to decide regional winners. This website would also be updated throughout the competition with all of the latest information, participants, and news about the Britain’s Got Personality campaign.

The Results

Our approach to the development and facilitation of the voting platform via the mini-site allowed 180 auditions to be promoted online, with almost 30,000 votes registered during only a short time period. Working collaboratively with Brazen PR, each audition added to the website was supported with video media and was promoted through the use of social media, incorporating the established brand assets; a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.

The results of the campaign were hugely positive, with not only the friends and family of the acts getting involved; a wider audience was reached and encouraged to participate in the voting, commenting, and general involvement in the competition.

From an initial average of 300 weekly visits upon the launch of the website, it quickly snowballed into thousands, as more and more people began to get involved, and the competition progressed.

Results - Best Western Case Study

Weekly Traffic to

Through a mixture of direct visits to the website, referring traffic from a variety of websites, and organic search engine visits, the Britain’s Got Personality website achieved thousands of visitors at key stages in the competition – leading to many votes for the associated acts.

Key campaign statistics - Best Western

Key Campaign Statistics

Our campaign reached out to a wide audience of direct participants, associated friends and family, and people who got involved through interest generated. Through the use of a collaborative effort between PushON and Brazen PR, each audition added to the website generated a large quantity of page views and votes, with many of them “going viral” and having wide-spread success throughout social networking mediums Twitter and Facebook.

The winner of the competition, Teresa De Roberto, did so with a staggering 5,872 votes for her operatic performance of “The Impossible Dream”. Teresa took part in the Birmingham auditions, and with a total of 31 people taking part, the entries page provoked a total of 15,856 page views alone – showing the fantastic support given to acts in the Midlands.

One of the key aims of the campaign was to increase the social presence for Best Western hotels, and this succeeded thanks to close integration between social networking websites, the mini-site, and the offline auditioning throughout the country. The collaborative effort between PushON and Brazen PR formed a tightly amalgamated marketing team to both facilitate and promote the competition offline and online. The result was Best Western hotels becoming a focal point throughout the country, and further enforcing their brand’s philosophy for not just being a well-regarded hotel chain, but also one which adds a level of “personality”.

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