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Concern Worldwide helps transform the lives of the world’s poorest people. It is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the most deprived parts of the world.

The company helps the poorest people in these countries, directly enabling them to improve their lives, as well as using our knowledge and experience to influence decisions made at a local, national and international level that can significantly reduce extreme poverty.

PushON has helped Concern maximise the Google Grant to its full potential. Their efforts now contribute to generating around 48% of our entire income. It’s an incredible performance that is making a real difference to thousands of people’s lives.
Adrian O Flynn from Concern


PushON’s skills in pay-per-click advertising (PPC) were enlisted to maximise its monthly €10,000 Google Adwords grant. PushON needed to reinvest the grant to maximise return and subsequently increase Concern’s average daily order for donation.


By looking at Concern’s existing PPC campaign, and employing its own unique brand of original thinking, PushON began to revamp the way the campaign was being implemented. This was done by bidding on branded keywords to ensure no donations were missed and adding effective keywords to the account.

Due to bidding restrictions on the Google Grants account, Concern was limited as to which keywords to target and how much to bid per keyword, therefore during September (i.e. three months into the project) they agreed to self-fund a Google Adwords account alongside their existing one using ‘profits’ from the original grant.


PushON took over the PPC account in July 2011 and in the six following months helped Concern achieve 2,340 donations. Immediately PushON had an impact and July was Concern’s strongest month, with 982 donations, a conversion rate of 29% and a return on advertising spend of 19,954 per cent.

A return on advertising spend of 2,145 per cent was achieved in the first month on the self-funded account and 4,724 per cent in the second month. Further money was invested to promote Concern over the Christmas period via PPC. continues to invest in PPC and is looking to begin advertising on Bing, Yahoo and YouTube through PushON.

In short, the work PushON has done for Concern in 2011/12 is on course to blow 2010/11’s numbers out of the water.


After witnessing the conversions PushON were securing from PPC, Concern’s Gifts department chose to work with the agency too.

Since PushON became involved with Concern Gifts, the campaign registered more donations than the previous year. This was achieved by adding targeted keywords to the account, using creative ad text to generate increased clicks and also using carefully selected landing pages.

Upon PushON’s recommendation, the gifts department chose to cleverly reinvest some of these funds into a self-funded Google Adwords account over the Christmas period. With a conversion rate of 15.5 per cent Concern Gifts received more in donations and a return on advertising spend of 4,187 per cent. PushON continues to work with the gifts departments on campaigns surrounding holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day etc.

In addition to the financial donations which convert from the PPC campaign, a number of ‘givers’ will return to the charity to donate again.

In terms of the lifetime value of a customer, PPC drove 186 additional regular donations in 2011, so on top of the overall revenue figures further donations were secured thanks to repeat visitors.

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