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Greenall’s Gin


G & J Greenall produces 70 per cent of the UK’s gin and approximately 20% of global gin volumes s around the world, and is considered among the market leaders. Specialising in gin, G & J Greenall’s primary brands are Greenall’s Gin, the premium Bloom Gin and Berkeley Square. The company was looking to undertake a campaign which celebrated its 250th birthday, focussed on its ‘Britishness’, and showcased its offerings.

This was all to be tied in with everything that makes Britain ‘Great’ – from conquests to charm, ability, bravery, resolve and creativity.

The campaign was undertaken by PushON in conjunction with Brazen PR and was a truly integrated PR and digital campaign, coupling PR strategy and digital metrics to create very powerful and cost effective campaign.

PushON provided strategic support and technical guidance to Brazen PR on The ‘Great British Spirit’ project. The campaign was one of the key milestones towards achieving the objective of reinforcing G&J Greenall’s position as one of the UK’s leading distillers of quality spirits.


Despite being one of the biggest gin producers, G&J Greenalls needed to increase its profile with modern gin consumers.

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Greenall’s Gin, PushON and Brazen PR, were tasked with devising an integrated marcoms campaign, with no ATL advertising support, to communicate the brand’s heritage and announce the re-branded Greenall’s bottle to both consumer and trade media.

Crucially, Greenall’s Gin wanted to engage with consumers online and create a narrative around the brand and then measure a commercial return to help support listings and increase sales.

The campaign centred around the Greenalls Great British Spirit microsite, which was designed and built by PushON and used paid search as a key driver, along with social media (Twitter and Facebook).



Many channels and metrics were considered but PushON drove the conversation towards tangible online performance indicators.

Much discussion was had about the value of a Facebook ‘Like’ and what social media engagement really delivered, so PushON positioned the campaign around a more meaningful metric, the ‘value of a vote.’ PushON devised a proprietary measurement model, which compared a vote on the website to the value of email marketing.

For example, a vote is a meaningful interaction with a brand. As part of that interaction the brand has the opportunity to turn the voters into brand advocates. Similarly PushON looked at acquisition of email marketing data as a value comparison for the campaign.

The model was based around:

  • An excellent price for quality email only data of £95 per 1000
  • An excellent open rate of 23.2% (Econsultancy 2011)
  • An excellent conversion rate of 3%

As such, the cost per meaningful interaction via email marketing (a vote equivalent) would be £13.65.

Based on achieving a CPV (cost per vote) of £2.50 and a remaining budget of £5140, we would expect to achieve: 2056 Votes (significantly beating the email marketing metrics)

The microsite was launched at an exclusive corporate trade event in London, showcasing the campaign to 90+ key members of the drinks trade media and commercial partners.

Brazen then kick-started consumer awareness with a national poll of Britain’s greatest heroes and moments of the past 250 years, with historian commentary to build brand awareness of Greenall’s and its 250 Years of Great British Spirit.

At the same time PushON was driving traffic to the website, using cost effective PPC online advertising, and the following process:

    • Researched key terms
    • Built terms into logical groups
    • Created Ad copy
    • Linked to appropriate page
    • Measured
    • Refined Ad copy

Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook were used as channels for the PPC. In addition, competition websites were targeted as were gin blogs.

The data capture was then utilised for further email marketing, and the microsite was also used to build loyalty by capturing Twitter followers and Facebook Likes


To date there have been 25,124 visits and 7,860 votes. The average time spent on site was 2 minutes and 23% of visitors returned.

Based on these figures, the campaign delivered a cost per vote of:

  • Adwords: £2.02
  • Facebook: £1.95
  • Bing: £1.30

This was significantly better than the £2.50 CPV target and a compared favourably to the e-mail marketing campaign benchmark. What’s more, for every registration, an email address was captured too for use as email marketing

No other gin brand had undertaken such an innovative digital campaign that offered such tangible commercial metrics, and this innovation has seen sales of Greenalls Gin soar 23% YOY and 37% up on forecast (May 2011 figures).

PushON was able to prove the leap from web traffic, press coverage and social media engagement to direct leads and data capture, helping the campaign stand out against its peers as being a leader in the digital marketing space.

The digital strategy fitted perfectly with the core brand values and the campaign theme, 250 years of Great British Spirit, also fitted Greenalls evolving proposition perfectly and demonstrated the heritage of the brand while helping to modernise it, as per the brief.

G&J Greenall’S brand team said: “The mix of PushON’s digital metrics and Brazen’s strategic PR experience and enthusiasm on a limited budget helped to demonstrate the value of a joined up approach.
“The unique approach to measuring social media and digital marketing by comparing digital to email marketing also helped us prove that the campaign had been a success.

“The campaign brought to life our contemporary new livery. The key was celebrating our 250 year heritage but give it a forward thinking feel – the microsite did just that. PushON and Brazen’s tireless enthusiasm must be commended.”

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