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The Client

In 2009, Hyundai tasked PushON and Brazen PR with changing perceptions of the i30 car. Research showed that the model appealed to 35+ consumers as a safe option. Hyundai wanted to generate appeal with to a younger, more vibrant audience.

PushON and Brazen developed a social media campaign, 30 Beats. DJs would download sound samples taken from a Hyundai i30, create music tracks and post these with a video to YouTube. Visitors to would vote for tracks, with the onus on the DJs to generate interest. The DJ with the top-ranked track would receive a new Hyundai i30.

The Challenge

The objective of this campaign was to challenge brand perceptions associated with the Hyundai i30, relying primarily on social media for propagation. We were tasked with:

  • Driving relevant traffic to the campaign website (
  • Achieving brand mentions on demographically appropriate websites
  • Creating a series of PR opportunities
  • Propagating of the brand via Social Media channels
  • Exploring potential applications of search marketing

Several key performance indicators were identified for this campaign:

  • Traffic to the website
  • Time on the website
  • Mentions of the website
  • Engagement via Social Media
  • Engagement with Key influencers

The Strategy

The 30 Beats campaign used online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, along with social media websites such as YouTube to propagate the campaign message and drive traffic to a core web asset (

A Hyundai i30 was taken to a sound stage and various elements of it sampled creating a pack of 57 sounds which were made available to download; “Bedroom DJs” downloaded these samples and used digital music software to create a musical track; the DJs then dubbed that music digitally over a video and uploaded it to YouTube; the YouTube videos were then embedded within the 30 Beats website.

The competition was deliberately difficult. As well as achieving reach, the objective was also to associate the product with quality. To ensure engagement, the prize for the winner was compelling, a Hyundai i30.

This phase provided the opportunity for initial online PR, seeding of conversations via blogs, initial conversation via in-house social media assets such as the Twitter account, YouTube channel and the Facebook page. To help seed that conversation, an example remix by a big-name DJ, DJ Krysko was made available.

View the rest of the entries on the 30 Beats YouTube Channel.

The difficulty of the competition also added to the ‘talkability’ of the campaign. Phase 1 of the competition closed at midnight on the 30th September 2009. The next phase moved into voting. The winner was to be chosen based on volume and quality of votes. The entrants were effectively incentivised to talk about the competition and to persuade their peers, friends and family, and in turn their friends to vote for them, causing exposure for the brand across wide social media channels.

Once again, there were opportunities for developing conversation online. The website was built on a blog platform, enabling comment and debate online as well as direct dialogue with the brand via the agencies. Consistent with the objective of achieving broad recognition, however, a constant low level PR campaign was maintained to ensure that conversation was maintained outside the bounds of closed communities and “owned assets”.

The Results

The completion drew to a close with a flurry of activity, again providing opportunity for brand centric PR and propagation of a positive message.

There were 965 channel views, and combined views on YouTube of all videos entered and still on show on the YouTube channel was 24,295 and is still growing. The campaign drove over 24,000 visits to the website,  and was not only acknowledged in the digital and music sectors but much further afield. A key takeaway for Hyundai was when Steve Fowler, the editor of “What Car” magazine tweeted about his favourite track, which was by Nikki French. Nikki, boosted by the endorsement, went on to win the competition. He has also been invited to perform at the forthcoming What Car awards, generating yet more positive brand coverage for Hyundai.

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