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Little Greene

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Sustained growth across organic
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Little Greene

A holistic online

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1,700% Increase in Turnover

5,200% Increase in Paid Revenue

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Little Greene Paint Company



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Project Details

Little Greene Paint Company
Online Marketing, Organic Search, Paid Search, International SEO

Project Description

Little Greene is a manufacturer and retailer of high quality paints and wallpapers. They came to PushON because their online sales were disappointing, largely because they were in unwilling competition with companies that are not their natural competitors – the mass-market paint manufacturers. They needed a strategy to enhance visibility to genuine customers.

The Challenge

It’s difficult for a small company to make a splash in the paint world, a sector dominated by a few massive manufacturers and DIY retailers’ own brands. Little Greene is a manufacturer of more specialist paints and wallpapers that occupy a higher echelon of the market. The challenge for Little Greene was that although these large companies are not their direct competitors, they struggled to rise above them in their niche because of the way potential customers search for paint and because of the sheer number of links to the household-name brands.

They engaged PushON to improve their online visibility to their potential customers. By focusing 100% of their marketing budget on the quality end of the market, they would be levelling the playing field by ensuring they were not wasting budget on hopeless clicks.

What We Did

We implemented a joint organic and paid marketing campaign and identified ways in which engagement with their public could be improved. One such way was to improve the ease with which undecided customers could acquire samples as it’s almost impossible to portray the quality, texture and lustre of their paint in screen pixels. After analysing their site we identified several drop-off points that were discouraging potential customers from ordering samples.

The Results

In the first four years, we helped increase their sample orders by 1000%.

Our marketing work and the technical improvements we made delivered a 50% growth in site visits year on year. In turn, transactions increased 2000% in number and turnover grew by 1700% over the following four years.

The paid campaign we set up had even more impressive results, with transactions and revenue up 4600% and 5200% respectively.

The growth took Little Greene to 2nd place in their sector and has given the company the wherewithal and the inspiration to expand into new markets, which they are doing successfully, with our help.

What the Client Said

Andy Greenall, Little Green’s Design and Marketing Manager, said:

PushON has driven the digital strategy forward, providing year-on-year improvements to our online performance, and helping us to achieve a significant increase in direct sales online, while also gaining greater visibility to new distributors via our distribution network.

We like to still see ourselves as a niche business, but our increasing market share means we’ve achieved a huge growth in status and become one of the biggest players in the high-end paint and decorating industry.

PushON put in place a long-term plan that over the five years has grown and evolved to be an all-encompassing marketing strategy helping us grow internationally online, secure new distributors, and improve the scale of our offering.

We have increased our product range from about a thousand to over two thousand during the time we’ve been working with PushON, and the ROI generated from our digital investment means we can continue to grow.

Little Greene is a good example of how PushON combine technical know-how, creativity and understanding of the niche to deliver growth. We’ve helped to push a small manufacturer into a strong enough position for them to invest, innovate and grow.

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