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Little Greene Paint Company


The Little Greeneis a luxury paint and wallpaper brand, selling high-end painting and wallpaper products. The Little Greene emphasises quality over quantity, and its audience, likewise, is narrow and discerning.


Four years ago, when Little Greene first partnered with PushON, the company was a much smaller business that was not well known online.

Little Greene had a range that included 1100 products, featuring limited sets of paint and wallpaper. The website itself had very little visibility online; making less in revenue then it could have been. There were a wide range of companies in the industry that Little Greene was simply not competing effectively with, both in terms of visibility and sales.

Little Greene’s growth has been in spite of aggressive marketing from the larger companies in the industry, as well as the recession.


PushON’s strategy has evolved over the years they have worked with Little Greene, as they have proved they could deliver tangible results to the bottom line.

  • Year 1 – SEO and PPC (focussing on brand awareness and localised searches)
  • Year 2 – Increased investment in SEO and PPC (targeting higher volume searches)
  • Year 3 – Further increased investment in SEO and PPC, along with a complete website redevelopment and social media support
  • Year 4 – Further gains with SEO and PPC and social media marketing (with support for conversion analysis and mobile application development)
  • Year 5 – Continued growth in SEO and PPC investment, while developing an international strategy to rollout services online into Europe

As part of the digital marketing campaign, PushON focussed on more than standard SEO practises from the outset. The focus had to be on an all-encompassing, holistic strategy that provided increases in brand awareness for Little Greene, while working to generate ROI through product sales via the website.
In order to ensure Little Greene’s presence had a large impact online, PushON worked with the company’s internal marketing teams, including offline PR, to marry the channels and yield the best return. While other companies in the paint and decorating industry were focussed on delivering offline and digital campaigns separately, PushON took extra strides to maximise efforts across the board.

Little Greene Website

An example of the above was the introduction of QR codes on offline literature – namely the paint colour cards. Digital QR codes allow smartphones to interact with offline material, and PushON delivered a digital QR code strategy for Little Greene that focussed on directing people to a dedicated mobile microsite to find product information and local stockists. This strategy was then coupled with significant online marketing activity to generate an increase in paint colour card requests. Colour cards are provided for free by Little Greene, and as such represent a significant opportunity to gain first contact with a potential customer.

Moving forward through the digital campaign, PushON have focussed on both increasing visibility within the major search engines (both in the UK and Europe), while also broadening the range of people who activity talk about the company online. The Little Greene website achieves referral traffic via more than 3,000 different websites on a monthly basis, and this is a hugely significant increase on previous years due to an ongoing campaign to encourage brand advocacy via social networks and relevant online blogs.

In addition, PushON’s web development team was used to rebuild the Little Greene website using the Magento platform (PushON are one of a handful of agencies in the UK with Magento partner status).


Since PushON was appointed in 2008, sales of Little Greene’s ranges have increased three-fold online, with overall turnover doubling.

What began as a small SEO campaign has grown to incorporate PPC, website development and social media, helping build the brand to establish its reputation as a market leader.

The website is now highly visible for a wide range of broad search terms within the search engines. The PushON team have also worked hard to increase conversions by undertaking user tests and have completely redeveloped the website, which includes a much more efficient check out process.

Our efforts have resulted in increased year-on-year sales, while the number of sample requests has more than tripled, and brand awareness is up significantly.

As performance of the online marketing increased, so did the budget and the scope of PushON’s remit. The business grew too, launching internationally online and now PushON is developing European websites and online marketing strategies for Little Greene.

Little Greene SERPs

The business has established its brand to the painting and decorating trade, and is now ranked as the 2nd biggest business within their sector of the UK paint industry.

Since PushON were appointed by Little Greene, the following key results have been achieved:

  • Online marketing contributed to a 100% increase in overall business turnover
  • Website visits up nearly 50% every year from 2008 onwards
  • Online revenue up year-on-year from 10%, 25% up to 110% (2010 – 2011)
  • Sample orders up by nearly 1,000% in four years
  • Online ROI in the UK has proved to be significant enough to roll out digital marketing campaigns into the European market
  • Online now surpassed offline in terms of growth of a marketing channel
  • Little Greene now 2nd biggest business within their sector of the UK paint industry
  • SEO directly contributed to approximately 40% of entire online yearly revenue in 2011

Andy Greenall, Little Greene’s Design and Marketing Manager:

Although we use other marketing channels to promote the company, online has significantly helped to support and grow our ranges over a four year period. PushON has driven the digital strategy forward, providing year-on-year improvements to our online performance, and helping us to achieve a significant increase in direct sales online, while also gaining greater visibility to new distributors via our distribution network.

We like to still see ourselves as a niche business, but our increasing market share means we’ve achieved a huge growth in status and become one of the biggest players in the high-end paint and decorating industry.

PushON put in place a long-term plan that over the four years has grown and evolved to be an all-encompassing marketing strategy helping us grow internationally online, secure new distributors, and improve the scale of our offering.

We have increased our product range from about a thousand to over two thousand during the time we’ve been working with PushON, and the ROI generated from our digital investment means we can continue to grow.