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Original Source

The Client

Original Source is part of the PZ Cussons range of personal wash and soap brands. The brand’s image is based upon its natural fragrances with its target consumers those who are looking for a ‘cool and funky’ experience. The range extensions of skin food in pouches and bath milk have strengthened this image along with the launch of a men’s range.

The Challenge

Although Original Source had a creatively excellent website in place, it was proving to be expensive to maintain, cumbersome to administer and did not attract an audience in the anticipated volumes. PushON were invited to pitch following submitting a detailed piece of data analysis, examining the positioning of a key product in terms of audience intent in search queries.

The Strategy

PushON delivered a pitch themed around the brand taking ownership of their digital assets. The website was to be built on an open source content management system (CMS), Drupal; the website was to be built with a search marketing campaign in mind and key social media assets were to be integrated into the site to capitalise on PR activity and online brand penetration.

Original Source Website

The website build process involved a significant amount of research at the outset. Where were the audience for Original Source and how were they behaving? How could we engage new audiences who weren’t already aware of Original Source but were in the target sector? Our research showed interest particularly around the provenance of ingredients in terms of search and large volumes of interest around adventurous activity in terms of social media. The data we derived from this study informed how we structured the website and invited the audience to engage.

As part of the development process, we worked alongside key members of the Original Source brand team. Training is a key part of our proposition; if the website is to generate value, then it needs to be maintained and have activity on it. As we use open source systems with simple user interfaces, we were able to bring the team up to a good level of competence in maintain the website.

The Results

The website was launched to great acclaim on July 16th 2010.

Nigel Wolstenholme, Senior Brand Manager at Original Source comments: “The old site was beautiful but did not perform well in search so it was great that the PushON worked hard to take the team through this cultural search/social media shift. PushON delivered vital training, to make sure each one of us was in-line with our key corporate brand messages.”

However, having a website is not enough, it must generate value. 4 weeks after launch, analysed how the website was performing online, with the following results:

  • The number of content pages indexed by Google rose from 3 to 123
  • The number of non-branded search terms for which the site ranked in the top 50 rose from 4 to 64
  • The number of top 10-ranked terms increased from 3 to 14
  • The number of visitors arriving on non-branded search terms jumped by approximately 1000%

All this was achieved without an SEO campaign, on the basis of “search friendly build” alone.

There are many agencies that can build a website. There are few who can build a website so that it is a precise tool for your business.

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