implemented a full PPC audit

created an effective, targeted PPC campaign

focused on most profitable lines

optimised account for maximum ROI

station ry sales



taking them from

to higher

Project Details

Ryman the Stationers
Magento, Magento Consultancy, Design and Online Marketing

Project Description

Ryman, known to generations as Ryman the Stationer, has been selling office, art and school supplies since 1893. It remains a solid presence on the high street, with more than 200 branches nationwide. In 1995 the store was acquired by Dragon’s Den‘s Theo Paphitis, and three years later the company built its first website. Its range is now wider than ever, with stationery joined by furniture, computing, electricals, photography and many other products.


The brand is strong and well known, and online sales were decent for the sector. But Ryman believes in online retail and knew that with the correct strategy, their figures could be much better. Online, the company’s range of products is far wider than many high street shoppers would imagine, and there was a great opportunity to tap into that potential. The company has an internal marketing department but they recognised the requirement to work with an agency specialising in PPC strategy.

They approached PushON with an unambiguous brief: deliver greater ROI and expand share of voice.


Our first task was to review and audit the legacy PPC strategy, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. That way we could identify which lines had the best ROI and focus our initial paid search attention there, because that is where we could make early wins while expanding the campaign into other areas.

We then set about utilising remarketing strategies to shift the focus away from products and onto attributing value to certain customer cohorts to whom we could target more specific products and ad copy. That meant setting up lists to account for:

  • time decay remarketing;
  • user device type;
  • cart abandonment remarketing;
  • geographical location;
  • several other key cohorts using demographic data.

Using scripts we set up the account so that bids auto-modified 24 times a day based on historical trend data. We also wrote scripts to mine for positive search queries and the strongest and weakest products within our shopping feeds, allowing us to optimise towards the strongest possible ROI.


This was an account with aggressive annual revenue targets. Those targets were met within 6 months while reducing CPS

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