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Urban Splash

The Client

Urban Splash ( are without doubt one of the most renowned of a new breed of urban property developers. The impact across the country of their developments has been recognized with the award of an MBE to group founder, Tom Bloxham. Their reach is certainly national and without doubt at some stage international

The Challenge

The impact of the UrbanSplash brand online was limited. In spite of having many web assets with some excellent creativity evident, they were in effect engaged in a one way conversation. Nor did they feature in search with any prominence. A relevant search query that did not include their brand name was unlikely to drive traffic to their site. This was a product of how their sites were built. They looked great, but search engines could not read their content. There was also a ‘brochure ware’ mentality internally. Websites were not perceived as a tool for building relationships and generating measurable business.


The Strategy

There were several strands to our strategy. The first and most crucial part was cultural. To use the web for online marketing, especially using social media strategies, it has to be embraced as part of the job and a valuable part. We delivered training to Urban Splash and helped them develop internal policies for use of social media. A key issue was that their web assets did not allow search engines to access them. If a search engine cannot see your content, then they cannot rank you for meaningful search terms. This was a technical issue. Working closely with their web development team and Urban Splash internal resource, we gradually walked them through sensible resolutions to their build issues.


Urban Splash has a wide ranging social media strategy in place which has been noted and acknowledged by the digital community. Tom Bloxham now blogs and tweets, giving a real sense of engagement for their audience. With respect to SEO, they are now steadily increasing their reach for relevant search terms and generating the traffic that goes along with that. As they produce more relevant and engaging content, so their brand grows and engages online.

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