Whatever you’re selling online, you’re guaranteed one thing: there will be someone else clamouring to sell more of it than you. But when your understanding of your market gets a boost from PushON’s eCommerce nous, fireworks can happen.

With a successful eCommerce operation you can increase your market share and stay ahead of the game. It all depends on a blend of site design and functionality, site visibility, marketing, PR, customer service, user experience and the influence of your offline presence. PushON is here to make sure the online elements are perfectly integrated and working hard to drive customers to your site – and keep them coming back again and again.

Certified Developers

Our team of developers has vast experience in developing for a wide range of eCommerce platforms. As well as being a certified company, our developers are fully trained in the platforms we use, and are kept up to date with ongoing improvement, training, conference attendance and, of course, extensive hands-on experience.

All our tasks are expertly project-managed by highly experienced and technically proficient managers, who ensure work is completed on time and on spec.

You’ll also get a dedicated account manager, an in-house advocate who fights your corner and ensures your messages are heard and your demands are met.


Platforms of Choice

We have committed ourselves to developing chiefly on two platforms: Magento and Shopware. Both are excellent eCommerce platforms with their own strengths and their own armies of supporters. As high-performance eCommerce platforms there will obviously be a great deal of shared benefits, but if we had to differentiate, we’d summarise the difference as being this:

  • Magento is ideal for high-volume sales with a large number of products. It has a massive ecosystem with thousands of extension developers and extensive support.
  • Shopware is perfect for prestige eCommerce where design and the customer journey are important. With scalability built in, the platform will grow with your range.

However, prestige companies do use Magento and high-volume retailers use Shopware. If you’re unsure about the best platform for your project, come and talk to us. We’ll be able to advise you.

Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel Integration

nffc_bannerRetailers have long striven to make sales across all their channels as seamless and homogeneous as possible. In the digital age, it could have got even more complicated, but the advent of omni-channel has put the customer’s choices and options right at the heart of the marketing story.

Online, mobile, warehouse, pop-up shop, high street store … it’s all one place to the eCommerce operation with an omni-channel mindset. Not convinced? Have a look at our piece on omni-channel marketing and our Nottingham Forest case study. Or have a talk with us via the channel of your choice.

In-House Marketing

There are marketing agencies and there are development agencies. Sure, they work with each other and the client to get results. But wouldn’t it be better if they were all under one roof? As long as both are steeped in talent, technology and cross-communication, the answer is yes.

PushON has always given equal weight to development and digital marketing. The benefit of keeping both together are immeasurable. When designers and devs need SEO assistance, it’s a few steps away. When a marketing campaign needs a creative execution, we call a meeting. It’s the logical way for both to do business.

Next: Talk to PushON

Perhaps your eCommerce site just isn’t working. Maybe you’ve got the backing and the timescale but need a development partner to push your digital ambitions forward. Or you might have an established physical presence and thousands of devoted customers but need help expanding your reach into the digital space. We can help, just as we’ve helped Ryman, Prestige, Nottingham Forest, Splash About and many more retailers. Let’s get you moving.