Magento brings power and flexibility to any ecommerce operation. With a free Community version that'll see you to your first million a year turnover, you'll be ready to switch to Enterprise when you're serving the masses. PushON can help you every step of the way.

Magento Experts

PushON was an early adopter of Magento and now we’re reaping the benefits, with a strong team of developers dedicated to the platform. We offer audits and support alongside design and development backed up by our Certified Magento Developers and design and UX specialists; PushON itself is a Magento Solution Partner. This all means you’re guaranteed a service that’s fully compliant with current practice and that work will be carried out to the highest standard.

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What is Magento?

There are dozens of open-source ecommerce platforms available but the market is crystallising into a handful of global giants. Magento was first released in 2007 and its success was instrumental in its acquisition by online retail giant eBay in 2011.

It is now the second-largest standalone ecommerce platform in the world with close to 9% of the global ecommerce volume, second only to the WordPress plugin WooCommerce and poised to overtake OpenCart.* It has edged ahead of the once-dominant OpenCart and Zen Cart and shows no sign of slowing down.

Why Use Magento?

We believe in Magento because it has all the qualities of a great open-source platform. For example …

It Will Integrate with your Chosen Payment Gateway
Whatever payment gateway you prefer to use, Magento will be able to securely integrate it into the site architecture to give you – and your customers – peace of mind and an efficient payment procedure.

It’s Free when you Need it Most
Magento Community Edition is an open-source platform, which means it’s free to use commercially. Even though it’s the basic version, it’s more than enough to get any online retailer off the ground, with most of the features enjoyed by the Enterprise edition. Indeed, most retailers will be comfortable with Community Edition up to their first million in sales, so there’s usually no rush to go to Enterprise.

It’s Responsive and Designed Around UX
Responsiveness is a huge consideration at the moment, as customers no longer sit at desktop PCs to do their online shopping. Magento-based ecommerce sites that are running the latest versions are responsive, which means they realign themselves intelligently to different sizes of screen – they don’t just shrink and zoom. This gives sellers enormous power over what is given prominence on the screen.

The user experience is helped by responsiveness, but UX is a concept that run through the whole Magento mindset. Everything is designed to guide customers intuitively to the checkout and to make buying easy once they get there.

It has a Thriving Community
Magento has tens of thousands of developers who collectively form the best help desk there is – there’s no problem that can’t be solved on one of the many forums and groups devoted to the platform. There are also conferences such as Mage Titans where the latest developments are discussed (and we’re regulars).

There are Hundreds of Extensions
There’s an extension for every conceivable purpose that slots seamlessly into your Magento installation. Often they’re free and also come with priceless networks of users to assist with any issues. And if a bespoke extension is required, our skilled developers can write one.

* Source:, accessed Juy 2015

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