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With its precision targeting, live monitoring and insightful reporting, paid media is your most advanced toolkit for digital marketing. Managed by PushON’s experts, your campaigns will reach the customers you’re chasing and attain great conversion rates. We can pull together a perfect blend of media to satisfy the demands of your market and help take your business to the next level. Whether you’re selling products or services, B2B or B2C, we’re ready to put your offering on customers’ screens.

Key Types of Paid Media

Paid media is no longer simply about PPC in search results, even though that remains the most popular kind. When choosing a display network to advertise on, you have to consider the audience and the best hosts and advertising flavours they respond to. Retail works well on PPC, for example, whereas B2B services might suit LinkedIn advertising. If you’re trying to light the fire under a content marketing campaign that has a broad appeal, native advertising can get your ads on mainstream newspapers’ sites for very low rates. Sometimes a blend of media is appropriate; other times you’re best off focusing narrowly.

Here’s a quick rundown:


Examples: Google AdWords; Microsoft AdCenter

Pros: Targeted to what people are actually searching for

Cons: Limited to search; not appropriate to unaware potential customers

Shopping Campaigns

Examples: Google; Bing

Pros: Shows your products and prices in more detail on the search page

Cons: More expensive than PPC, although conversions can be better


Examples: Display; RLSAs; Shopping

Pros: Allows advertisers to take a second bite at the cherry by delivering ads to those who’ve looked at certain products

Cons: Can be stopped by ad blockers and can make some customers feel uncomfortable

Google Display Network (GDN)

Examples: Google Display Network

Pros: Spreads AdWords ads over a larger set of Google-owned resources, such as YouTube and Gmail

Cons: Needs care to stay efficient

Customer Match Email Remarketing

Examples: Google

Pros: Hyper-personal marketing aimed at email lists

Cons: Potential for customers to feel intruded upon

Gmail inbox advertising

Examples: Gmail ads

Pros: Advertise to Gmail users based on their interests

Cons: Some people cite privacy issues, although Google insists the process is entirely automated

YouTube TrueView

Examples: YouTube ads

Pros: Plays ads before YouTube views but there’s no charge if the ad isn’t watched through

Cons: Message has to be relevant and entertaining for it to be watched, so can be costly to make ads

Paid Social

Examples: Programmatic Display

Pros: Advertise to an already engaged audience relatively unobtrusively with a high degree of relevance

Cons: In-stream ads can draw negative comments and badly-timed ads can backfire

Programmatic & Media Buying

Examples: Programmatic Display

Pros: Highly targetable advertising platform for maximum efficiency and conversion rate

Cons: Still a relatively new technology with lots of intermediate agents, which can potentially lead to errors

Native Advertising

Examples: Outbrain; Taboola

Pros: Get your ads displayed on anything from niche sites or generic publications such as newspapers’ websites. Generally good engagement

Cons: Highly competitive sector with a tendency towards click bait means ads have to be clever to stand out

Amazon Sponsored Products

Examples: Amazon

Pros: Similar to AdWords but solely on Amazon sites, these ads display via search term bids among Amazon’s own listings

Cons: Relies on search for products

Let us Apply our Expertise to the Mix

PushON’s paid media team has a wealth of successes under its belt and we’re ready to take on any challenges you throw at us. We’ll analyse your situation and work out the optimum network(s) on which to display your ads, then set up and manage your accounts to squeeze every drop of value out of your ads.

Your competitors are already doing it, so start the ball rolling by getting in touch today.

Full Reporting

As with all of PushON’s services, full reporting of your PPC accounts comes as standard. We can trace every visitor who has arrived at your site through PPC and follow their (anonymised) journeys. This lets us see which ads have been performing, which landing pages work the best and where would-be customers are dropping out of the purchase process. As time passes and the amount of data increases, this information becomes invaluable and lets us fine-tune ever further.

Paid search offers a growing range of ways to target your ideal customer across all forms of digital media.

With typical budget spends starting from around £5k a month, we’ll use our expertise on how to get you the best ROI

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