Paid Search

Paid search is the quickest way to get your product onto customers' screens. With PushON's highly experienced PPC team managing your account, you’ll get a phenomenal return on your investment. We know how to keep costs down while getting your ads seen by your target audience.

Attain and Maintain Efficiency with PPC

A good PPC campaign relies on a battery of techniques such as analysing search strings and bidding small amounts of money for large numbers of highly specific terms – and of course monitoring, monitoring, monitoring. Only through vigilant management can the wasteful clicks be eliminated and costs minimised. Some search terms just don’t turn out to mean the same thing to you and to the public.

That’s why it makes sense to use PushON to manage your campaign – our team can manage your account attentively and in line with your seasonal needs to deliver impressive results that only get better with time.

Full Reporting

As with all of PushON’s services, full reporting of your PPC accounts comes as standard. We can trace every visitor who has arrived at your site through PPC and follow their (anonymised) journeys. This lets us see which ads have been performing, which landing pages work the best and where would-be customers are dropping out of the purchase process. As time passes and the amount of data increases, this information becomes invaluable and lets us fine-tune ever further.

Paid Search: A Brief Explanation

A typical search results page has two types of result – organic and paid.

Organic results are ranked by the way Google perceived their importance and relevance to the search query; they are not paid for and are the concern of our SEO team. Organic results can take days, weeks or months to appear on the results pages (it depends how much weight your site has).

Paid results appear at the top of the search engine results page and in a column on the right. In fact, in a typical search for a competitive term, more than half the screen space is given over to paid results. Paid results are ranked in order of the highest bid for that term, in pounds and pence.

When you create a PPC account, you create the ads that will appear on the screen. They can be text-based or have images in them, and you can use them to link to any page you like.

The rationale behind PPC is that the results appearing more prominently will attract more clicks, so it’s worth paying more than your competitors to appear higher up. However in reality, the ad itself plays a large part – if users don’t feel an ad is relevant to what they searched for, they won’t click on it.

Once the campaign is set up, results will start to show immediately. As the name suggests, you only pay for ads that are clicked on.

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