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The social networks have revolutionised the media landscape in less than a decade. It’s where news outlets, corporations, charities, government bodies and the general public assemble to share news, opinions and personal updates in a forum that is unprecedented in human history. Let’s start using it.

Businesses who embrace social media are rewarded with incredibly deep outreach. Managed properly, social media acts as a barometer of opinion – good and bad – about your brand. If you use feedback intelligently, it can help you to amplify your reputation. Complaints dealt with swiftly can be defused rather than being allowed to propagate. Responding positively to complimentary comments spreads goodwill.

Social Media is a Two-way Thing

As the name suggests, social media is about communicating – not broadcasting. The easiest social media mistake to make is setting up an account and filling it with a stream of adverts. If you want followers to stay, you need to interact. And for that to be successful, you must devote resources to it. Another common mistake is for businesses to log into social Twitter to fire off ten posts then disappear for a week. Nothing says you’re a broadcaster as much as this habit – and it’s ineffective. Without devoting time, attention and resources to social media, you’ll be joining the me too brigade and you’ll get nothing out of it.

Let PushON Manage your Social Media Accounts

PushON has a social media team populated by experts at maximising return on investment on the social networks. We understand how the major networks are used and can tailor a social media policy dependent on your focus – B2B, B2C or somewhere in between. We understand what is and is not acceptable on the various networks, and fine-tune the tone of all communications to make sure users notice and react positively to your online activities. Whether you are using social media to promote your white papers, manage campaigns or run competitions, we know how to give you the maximum reach by using a blend of targeted social media advertising and our expertise in relationship building and social media analytics.

Social Media Consultancy?

PushON also offers a social media consultancy service that we’ve used on clients such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Social media, our team swear on it

Whether it’s consultancy, account management or a full scale social media campaign across all platforms. PushON can help with all your social media requirements

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