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Is Marks & Spencer Being Naughty?

As an online marketer, I always find it interesting to see which of the “big brands” are using some of the newer features that Google now supports … so I’ve been looking at which brands are using video sitemaps for their products pages. What are video sitemaps? Video Sitemaps and VideoObject Schema allow webpages featuring videos to add… Continue reading

Introducing Online Marketing Superheroes!

  What Is Online Marketing Superheroes? Online marketing. Just a mention of the phrase can send certain folk into paroxysms of bliss and bring forth tales of hard-won campaigns about page ones, measurably improved conversion rates and outperforming that ad with the woman peeling glue off her face. Well it’s time for recognition. Real recognition…. Continue reading

European Court Rules News Portals ARE liable for offensive comments left by readers

On the 10th of October the European Court of Human Rights made a preliminary ruling that could concern any “News Portals” that operate online in Europe. This ruling came about when a Ferry operator in Estonia took an Estonian paper to court after it’s readers left derogatory and offensive views in the comments section of… Continue reading

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