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Staff want more advice on safeguarding security when using social media

A significant percentage of employees using social media such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their work roles say they would like more formal guidelines from company management regarding proper usage, with many claiming they are concerned about the dangers of social networking sites undermining their company’s security.

These findings, from a survey carried out by research company Protiviti, have come about as more and more businesses are finding social networking sites increasingly useful mechanisms for activities such as marketing and recruitment.

According to the survey, 27% of employees say they feel that employers should do more to explain to them the principles of correct social media usage; a figure which rises to 33% among those aged 55 or over.

The survey also revealed that over 16% of employees worry about compromising their company’s security through the use of social media, with just fewer than 33% also worried about the threat posed by social media on their own personal security.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Protiviti’s managing director in the UK, Jonathan Wyatt, said that employees’ concerns were actually well-founded, and that, despite the fact that ‘opening up access in the workplace to social networks can create long-term benefits’, employers would do well to heed the warnings of their staff and institute appropriate usage protocols. He added:

“Having social media guidelines in place… not only mitigates the risk of reputational loss through error or fraud, but also reduces the likelihood of information being leaked externally.”

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  • Influence Agency

    Great Article! Sakis – Influence Agency, Leeds

  • Anonymous

    I understand staff’s security concerns relating to social media but I think it needs pointed out that a high percentage of those surveyed clearly feel comfortable using a common sense, general work policies and marketing/PR principles to manage their social media activity while at work.