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Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingThere are now over 13 million people* using their mobile phones to access the internet in the UK, so it’s an increasingly important part of a digital strategy.

What Does Mobile Marketing Involve?

This can be any sort of mobile-based digital activity, from creating an app to making a mobile website, or even simply bearing in mind that people may be using the web on the move. You might also want to consider using MMS, Bluetooth, gaming or mobile ads as alternative marketing channels.

The increasing use of mobiles in everyday life means that the way people interact with the web is changing. It’s important to take this into consideration when creating a digital marketing strategy.

PushON have created a mobile website for Front Row incorporating QR codes.

If you’re interested in hearing how PushON can create a mobile website for you or how you could incorporate mobile into your digital marketing strategy, get in touch.

*UK mobile web use and smartphone ownership rockets