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QR Codes

QR codes are a type of barcode that can store data and can be read by camera phones. They usually contain a link to a specific web page and are designed so that people can access the site more easily on their phones.

What Can You Do With QR Codes?

QR codes can be an effective when incorporated into a digital marketing strategy. They can link to any web page, be it a micro-site used to promote your product, a link to a discount code, a link to a map of your store used on a billboard or even directly to a site where people can buy your product there and then. They can also link to phone numbers or full contact cards.

Why Use QR Codes?

People are using mobiles to access the internet more and more. QR codes are an easy way for people to access information on the web using their mobile phones. They are also trackable, which allows for more precise ROI measurement.

Although they might currently seem like a niche technology, it has become an everyday technology in Japan, and the rest of the world is more than likely to follow.

How Do You Use QR Codes?

Pretty much any mobile with a camera and access to the web can use a QR code. Most new phones have a barcode scanner included, and there are plenty of free ones available. The software allows users to scan QR codes and connect to the link.

PushON implemented a mobile website offering hair tips for Charles Worthington’s styling brand, Front Row. This site could be accessed through QR codes on the products and allowed customers to access extra styling tips and see related products.

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