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Google AdWords PPC

Despite the alliance between Microsoft Bing and Yahoo in July 2009; Google still enjoys the lion’s share of all searches originating from UK internet searches. This means that in most cases, you will have the greatest search reach using Google AdWords.

Google strive to show the most useful and relevant information to its users, not just for the natural search results, but also for their paid search results. This focus on relevance means that higher quality adverts and search campaigns are able to reach higher positions, for relatively less money.

Display Advertising

The content network includes a vast array of Google properties such as Google Finance, Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger and other websites that allow people to advertise on their pages. Within this network, you can place more creative adverts, for example, using video, images or rich media rather than just plain text adverts.

Google AdWords pay-per-click campaigns can be run purely for search engine users across the entire content network, on selected sites within the content network, or in combination.

This means that you have a huge potential audience available to show your brand to, and with the additional geographic and demographic targeting available to you, you can reach the segment you want at a volume that will make a big impact.

Our Google AdWords consultants can help you run an effective Google AdWords campaign. They understand how to best utilise the network so that your campaign is successful.

If you want to hear more about how our expert Google AdWords consultants can help you, get in touch and we can answer your questions.