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SEO Link Building Services

The link building process starts by identifying the most relevant and high authority websites that could potentially host links pointing to your company.

Why is this important? When a target website links to your site, this is referred to as a “backlink”. In search engine terms, these backlinks can be thought of as “votes” for your site. But it’s not one site, one vote. Sites that are considered more important and authoritative carry more weight, so a single backlink from a major website will count for more than hundreds of links from low-quality sources. And the more high-quality backlinks your site attracts, the higher your visibility on the major search engines such as Google and Bing will be.

PushON offer link-building services to increase the range and quality of links to your website. No matter how well built and maintained a website is, it can struggle to be found online without gaining quality backlinks to the most important pages.

Some examples of link-building methods we use are:

  • Connections with relevant industry blogs
  • Encouraging brand advocates (internally and externally)
  • Online competitions
  • Business directories
  • Online press release distribution
  • Link bait

Through an initial process of analysing your current backlinks in relation to your online competitors, we will be able to understand not only the types of links that you need for your website, but also where these links can be sourced from. This will allow us to then effectively devise and implement a strategy to obtain the most important links to your website.

Anyone who has run or visited a forum or blog will recognise the annoyance of spam replies linking to commercial websites. They are usually the work of amateur SEO practitioners who try to build a huge number of backlinks to counteract the lack of high quality ones. These people are at best misguided and at worst knowingly ripping off their clients. Link building is not about gaining high volumes of links from low-quality sources, and PushON focuses on building real relationships with website owners that can be leveraged over time for further promotion and exposure for your company.

Get in touch today to discuss our SEO link building services, and how PushON can help your website to perform more effectively online.