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SEO Copywriting

It is the golden rule of copywriting: “if you would engage your audience, first know your audience”. For the SEO copywriter, however, this task is rather more complicated. SEO copywriting must appeal to two very different audiences: one of human visitors, who want well-written, genuinely engaging content; the other of search engines, which match content more or less mechanically against specific words and phrases.

In the dark ages of SEO, copywriting was synonymous with ‘keyword stuffing’ – the practice of packing pages with repeated phrases corresponding to common search terms. In its day, keyword stuffing worked: it fooled search engines into thinking spam pages were relevant and drove visitors from search to sites. But search engines didn’t like the practice, because users didn’t like the results. So search engines got smarter – and SEO copywriters had to get smarter, as well.

Better SEO Copywriting

At PushON, we build smart copy around terms that are strongly relevant to your business. This allows us to drive to your website visitors who are strongly motivated to transact with you. And our copy doesn’t stop working for you there, because our SEO copywriter won’t just deliver well optimised content – they’ll create great marketing copy that makes the most of every visit.

Our SEO copywriting process has been refined over many years of writing for the web and includes the following steps:

  • Research the product, sector and audience you wish to target
  • Identify relevant and opportune keywords
  • Create content around chosen keyword themes
  • Structure ‘calls to action’ to maximise conversion

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