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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media?

Social media has become such a buzz term over the past few years that many companies want some involvement in it. Put simply, social media is primarily online media that allows social interaction. A typical example would be a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, where users interact with a community with the use of words, pictures, video and audio.


Managed correctly, social media can be an excellent, cost effective and valuable tool. Different social media work in different ways; some allow you to build relationships with current and potential customers, some help build brands, and some enable you to provide a more personal customer service channel. A well-rounded social media strategy should deliver on all three by spreading brand awareness, providing an accessible contact point and engaging people with useful content or customer support.

PushON are deeply involved in the social media world and we keep abreast of every new development and platform. We can develop your presence in social media in every possible way, from providing training for staff through to building social platforms for social media campaigns.

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