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Social Media Policies

It’s important to have a social media policy for your company or business. Social media is becoming a part of our every day lives, but they can also be new or confusing for some, meaning mistakes can happen.

If a policy is in place, it means that everyone is clear about what is expected of them and what the repercussions can be if the networks are used incorrectly or an employee speaks out against the business.

Corporate social media policies should consider two things: first, how the business interacts with social media itself, including things like who manages it, its tone of voice, what’s expected from each account and crisis management techniques; second, it also covers what is expected of employees when using social media. This covers topics such as:

  • Using networks in work time
  • Confidentiality of work and clients
  • Speaking on behalf of or about your company and what is expected
  • What actions will be taken if an employee speaks out of term

PushON can assist you when writing a social media policy. We work with lawyers who are experts in social media and online security.

We understand the changing culture due to digital developments and understand the importance of a company’s reputation. Contact us for more information.