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Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is self replicating, or ‘word of mouth’ marketing. It is created with the intention of being passed on from one person to the next.

Examples of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing can be created in many forms, from a simple viral email to Viral Video Marketing. But for it to be successful, there needs to be something about it that makes people want to pass it on, link to it and talk about it – be that something funny, entertaining, useful, interesting or shocking.

There is an element of the unknown with viral marketing, because rather than publishing or sending it out to a specially targeted audience, you are giving the viewers control of how far it will reach, as they decide whether or not to pass it on to their friends and colleagues. Creativity is key if you are to become a viral sensation.

Tracking Viral Marketing

Although by the very nature of viral marketing, there is little control over where your message will appear, you can however track and analyse results. PushON have experience of tracking, analysing and learning from viral marketing campaigns, so the chances of success in the next campaign are increased.

PushON do Viral Marketings

PushON have executed online viral campaigns, such as the homeless robot AHD168, and have seen excellent results.

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