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Magento Development in Manchester

Magento is an eCommerce platform which gives merchants a large amount of freedom and flexibility over the functionality of their eCommerce store. It’s open-source technology, so it can be tailored to suit any project, and gives users control over every aspect of how they sell online. The Magento development platform is suitable for business of all sizes; it’s powerful and also intuitive, so merchants can easily creative and manage their product catalogue. In addition, catalogues can include more than one image for a product, and fully-functioning product filtering, browsing and comparison features.

Putting customers first

Customer service can also be improved with Magento development, as users can be given the option to create their own account, track their purchase history or even change the language and currency of the eCommerce store to suit their needs.

Integrate with existing methods

What’s more, merchants who already have experience with Google Analytics can easily integrate Magento into their account to look closer at customer behaviour and optimise the store for further sales. Marketing promotional tools such as coupon codes can also be included with Magento, meaning merchants maintain their eCommerce methods but within the streamlined, intuitive Magento framework.

Silver Partner

PushON’s expertise with Magento development has seen the company gain Silver Partner accreditation. With fewer than 50 companies in the UK able to claim any Magento accreditation whatsoever, it’s clear that PushON knows what it’s doing with the platform. Magento platform provides the perfect method for merchants to both bring in new business and greatly improve the experience of their customers.

PushON’s development team is perfectly-placed to implement a high-quality Magento build into your store, so get in touch today to take the first step towards a better eCommerce experience.