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Magento Design

Magento appeals to businesses largely due to the freedom and flexibility it affords. Because it’s open source, Magento can fit any project and any specific brand.

Aesthetics are a big part of any eCommerce site. If your site doesn’t look good, it can have a serious impact on how customers perceive your company. If it looks too primitive, people won’t trust that it can handle their payment details safely. If it’s too advanced, it could confuse customers and convince them not to buy. The right blend is needed; one which fits your brand and your objectives. PushON can identify and provide that.

Top Magento design

Magento’s open-source nature means that virtually any design ideas can become a reality. This means that your band can be perfectly integrated into your online presence, strengthening both in the process. What’s more, the PushON team is well-versed when it comes to creating websites customers enjoy visiting. More importantly, the team knows the design principles that will get people buying with confidence.

Our Magento Services

Silver Partner

PushON has been awarded Silver Partner status by Magento. This places the company in a very exclusive club, as there are just 25 agencies in the UK who currently have any accreditation from Magento whatsoever. The PushON team has Silver Partner status with Magento and is capable of selling to and supporting large companies and more complex implementations of the platform.

For eCommerce site owners who crave a website which is easy to manage and maintain, and fits the core values of their brand, a Magento design is the perfect choice. Speak to the PushON team today and soon your business could be providing new customers with the perfect online shopping experience.

PushON’s development team is perfectly-placed to implement a high-quality Magento build into your store, so get in touch today to take the first step towards a better eCommerce experience.