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Web Design

Many business owners have spent a great deal of money attracting visitors to their websites, only to see those visitors ‘bounce’, or fail to browse beyond their landing page. One of the most important factors in making a website ‘sticky’ (that is, less ‘bouncy’) is arresting web design.

Of course, what makes a web design arresting will differ in every case; it depends on the unique intersection between your offering and your audience. Translating this requirement into an attractive and functional web design is the work of a specialist web design company.

PushON has been providing web design in Manchester and across the North West since 2005. Contact us and discover the difference professional web design could make to your bottom line.

It’s not print!

One of the most common errors businesses make when sourcing web design is to choose a company whose designs look great on paper: a design that looks good on paper was most probably designed on paper, by a print designer.

The problem print designers have in translating their work to the web is that the two mediums operate under entirely different constraints. Where the end product of print can be disseminated in a tightly controlled form, the web is a minefield of different browsers, different hardware and different settings. All of these factors can (and regularly do) transform a site that looks great on the designer’s screen to one that appears broken or untidy to the end user.

Web design is as much the work of a technician as of an artist. So, in addition to a certain creative flair, the designer must also possess a detailed knowledge of the evolving technologies of the web.

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