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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS), first released in 2003. There are over 60 million WordPress-powered websites on the internet, and more than 13,000 plugins have been written by developers all over the world for it, extending its capabilities and allowing it to be optimised easily.

PushON offer a number of core services for WordPress:

  • WordPress development; developing scalable, search engine friendly WordPress websites.
  • WordPress plugins; building bespoke plugins which extend the core functionality of WordPress for your specific requirements.
  • WordPress themes; designing usable and accessible WordPress themes.
  • WordPress SEO; optimising your existing WordPress website to rank well for search terms in search engines which will drive conversions/sales on your website.

Why use PushON for WordPress development?

WordPress has been our preferred content management system since 2005. PushON has a wide range of experience developing search engine friendly WordPress websites, themes and plugins for a large number of clients including Dr. Beckmann, Magnet Kitchens and Hyundai.

Contact PushON for more information about website development Manchester-wide and across the UK.