Retailers who want eCommerce sites with bags of character and a polished appearance turn to Shopware. It’s a relative newcomer to the open-source eCommerce ecosystem, but has already formed the basis of an impressive list of sites for retailers who want to stand out. L’Oreal, Haribo and Segway have joined 55,000 other retailers in using this powerful platform for their diverse ranges.

The platform is built around the concept that creativity and storytelling should be at the heart of online retail. We’re in an age where finding the balance between visually brilliant websites and mobile-friendliness is a real skill, but the payback for finding it is huge; Shopware has found the formula to optimise both sides, and it’s exactly what our devs and designers have been waiting for because it is built to grow and scale with your business.

With experts on your side, you can flex your creative muscles and build stand-out sites that resonate with your audience, whether you’re selling opulent luxury, technical proficiency or family fun. PushON has the technical and creative talents to push your Shopware site to the next level.

Audit and Monitor

Our journey usually starts with an audit. We can identify the choke points, the code bloat, the holes in the purchase funnel, the parts that are keeping search engines and would-be customers away. We’ll also note the elements that are performing well.

Setting up analysis tools allows us to follow visitor through the funnel and see how to get more of them to the end point – as satisfied customers.

It all feeds back into ways of improving your site’s performance. Fixing problems is one thing, but emphasising the things that are bringing success to your site can be more lucrative. All this comes from an thoughtful, analytical approach to auditing your site.

Creative selling

Why do all eCommerce sites have to look the same? Shopware don’t think they have to. Yes, there’s a benefit to familiarity when it comes to site layouts, but retail is often about selling aspirations, dreams – and that needs a creative space to present your case.

But creativity isn’t about making works of art – it’s about getting into the minds of brands’ customers and speaking to them. Solving problems is the most creative thing the human mind can do, and with a team of analysts, developers and creatives designing your site on Shopware, creative solutions can be made real.

“Emotional Shopping” is how Shopware describe it. We think they’re on to something.

Business Partners

shopware_business_partner_204PushON has been granted Business Partner status by Shopware, which means we’re a trusted team of developers with a proven track record of excellence in eCommerce development. Find out more on the Shopware Business Partner Page.

Business Integration

Integration with your business processes and systems can be achieved through our Shopware Integration service. Shopware will facilitate integration with leading Warehouse (ERP/WMS/OMS), Product Information Management (PIM), Point of Sale (POS), Payment Gateway and Email Service Provider (ESP) systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Access Dimensions, dotMailer, MailChimp, Cybertill, SagePay and PayPal.

Shopware Migration

If you’re looking to migrate your online operation to Shopware from another platform we have a wide range of experience, and processes in place to facilitate. Category, product, order and customer data can all be migrated using different mechanisms depending on the incumbent platform.

Shopware Marketing

PushON has been marketing for eCommerce for over a decade; organic, paid media, affiliate and social marketing services are at your disposal throughout the development process and beyond in order to ensure the platform works well for marketing.