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Web Analytics Resources

This is work in progress, but I’m compiling a list of blogs, software and plugins that help make Web Analytics less painful. Analytics installation has been the bain of my life this month, so I’ve been reading up on the topic more than usual. I’ll focus heavily on Google Analytics, as this is my poison… Continue reading

Google Analytics v Urchin

Google & Urchin Analytics Background A common misconception is that Urchin is simply the old name for Google Analytics and is no-longer around. However Urchin is a product in its own right and has some key differences to its free cousin. Urchin On Demand was an Analytics tool bought from Urchin Software Corporation by Google.   … Continue reading

Pay Per Click Advertising Goals

I subscribe to the ROI Revolution blog, they are Google Analytics experts in the US. Something really useful came up in one of their recent posts about Monetizing Goals. Whenever I’m working on a Pay Per Click campaign, my usual objective is to achieve the highest revenue, with a low cost per conversion, ensuring a… Continue reading

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