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Google Indexing Audio

It has been a while coming and many have seen it as a predictable move but Google has finally promoted Google Audio Indexing to Google Labs. At the moment the only videos in the application are political, however Google will be expanding its archive in the future. This development indicates how Google will attempt to… Continue reading

Is The Googlebot In Hibernation?

It would certainly seem that way as crawl rates seem to have plummeted dramatically in recent months. I came across the problem when working on a scrap car website for one of my clients and noticed that the changes I had made were taking a ridiculously long time to index. This prompted me to look… Continue reading

Google Analytics v Urchin

Google & Urchin Analytics Background A common misconception is that Urchin is simply the old name for Google Analytics and is no-longer around. However Urchin is a product in its own right and has some key differences to its free cousin. Urchin On Demand was an Analytics tool bought from Urchin Software Corporation by Google.   … Continue reading

We are feeling the Google Love again

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="90" width="160" align="right" /]Google dumped us recently, pulled out our heart, spat into the open wound and walked off into the sunset without so much as leaving us a Dear John. We sat and sulked for the first couple of days blaming everything and everyone, life is so unfair, we didn’t deserve that,… Continue reading

Gaming Google with Sprocket X

I saw very interesting and effective demonstration of gaming Google using a multi layered implementation of Sprocket X. Basically a Sprocket takes data from multiple sources such as Wikipedia, chews it up and spits something out that is actually meaningful and readable. It’s the readability that is the key and differentiates from other Spammy techniques…. Continue reading

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