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FocusON: Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Google Grants Account?

The Google Grants programme has just celebrated its 10th birthday. Launched in April 2003, this scheme has evolved over the years and Google works with registered charities, providing them with grants to spend in Adwords. However, the number of charities that are actively using this suggests that the majority of UK charities are either overlooking the… Continue reading

SEO Weekly Round-Up #10

Greetings fellow earthlings and welcome to our latest summary of SEO-related things we spotted this week. Raven Blog – Forecasting Traffic by Keyword Rank: Do you ever feel buried under a mountain of metrics? Are you grabbing data here, there and everywhere in an attempt to wow clients that, most likely, do not appreciate the… Continue reading

Roger Boyes: Riding the Trend

Much hillarity across t’internet due to the byline on the Times Article “Vienna Boys’ Choir Caught up in Sex Abuse Scandal” by Roger Boyes.  Well, this has gone across the social media space like wildfire and has been trending on Twitter. It occured to my cynical mind that this might just possibly be a linkbait… Continue reading

Common PPC Misconceptions

On a day when everyone seems to be writing about Caffeine (Google’s new search index) I thought I would bring you a few home truths about PPC. I personally really enjoy using and testing the various different PPC platforms and as an advertising medium think it offers some great benefits. The return on investment in… Continue reading

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