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New SEO Specialist Joins Pushon

Hi, my name is Mark Mayne and I have recently joined the Pushon team as a search marketing consultant. My skill base and specialities mainly lie in organic search as I have spent the last eight months working for one of the UK’s biggest internet marketing companies. At Just Search I assumed the role of… Continue reading

SEO Bullshit Bingo

We work in an industry that is riddled with terminology that even we don’t understand half the time when someone says “Well that meme is something of a paradigm shift”, we nod sagely but really, we haven’t got a clue either. So in celebration of the bollocks that is talked at marketing meetings throughout the… Continue reading

We are feeling the Google Love again

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="90" width="160" align="right" /]Google dumped us recently, pulled out our heart, spat into the open wound and walked off into the sunset without so much as leaving us a Dear John. We sat and sulked for the first couple of days blaming everything and everyone, life is so unfair, we didn’t deserve that,… Continue reading

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