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Digital RoundUP 13/05/2013

#UnitedWelcome – Manchester United’s Social Faux Pas With news of Sir Alex Ferguson retiring on Tuesday we were shown social media at its most powerful with reports of David Moyes taking over. To our surprise on Thursday we managed to find a link that was to a tab on the Manchester United Facebook page and the text read –… Continue reading

Socialising your event

Welcome to How to Socialise your Event, from PushOn and Pro.manchester. We will be live blogging the event in three main sections, bullet pointing the key elements. First up is Simon Wharton of PushOn with a quick intro: “Welcome to the event and thank you to pro.manchester for facilitating this. If you have a tablet… Continue reading

Social Media Webcast from Manchester

On Thursday 25th November, I’ll be delivering a social media webcast with Tim Guest from Quantica. Where I’ll be talking about, err, social media. I suspect it’ll be about the basics for business. Should you? Shouldn’t you? And probably a bunch of things that make me laugh. You can register to access the social media… Continue reading

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