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Open-Source CMS vs Custom CMS

I’ve read a lot of debate in the past about the value of using open-source content management systems (CMS) compared with that of a custom-built CMS that is bespoke to the website in question. The truth is, there are advantages to both of them, depending on the requirements and system needed, so there is no… Continue reading

How To Make WordPress Sing and Dance!

Although there are quite a few top WordPress plugin lists floating around on the Internet many are out-of-date and many I just don’t agree with so I’ve asked around the office and compiled a list of WordPress plugins that will make your blog sing and dance. General WordPress Plugins: Akismet – a comment spam filter… Continue reading

Full Blown WordPress CMS

WordPress is all to frequently viewed as a basic blogging package however the abundance of plugins and ease of use make it an ideal fully integrated CMS system. At Pushon we have recently done a rebuild and redesign for an industrial and home insulation company called Sprayseal. We found that using WordPress as a CMS… Continue reading

WordPress Not Being Indexed

Over the past week we have noticed that WordPress blogs (including this one) have not been indexed by Google. After investigation we decided to deactivate all of our plugins, upgrade the blog and ensure that it was being pinged out to all of the search engines and it seems to have worked! The steps we… Continue reading

Google Has Fallen Out Of Love With Us

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="180" width="187" align="right" /]We’re not sure what we’ve done but it seems we’ve upset Google. We were getting visited by Google Bot what seemed like every 5 minutes of the day. No sooner would we post something of extreme philosophical noteworthiness than Mr Google Bot (or Mrs, there is some internal debate within… Continue reading

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