Are you an aspiring analytics expert?

Well, whether you’re destined to be the data don or simply want to provide monthly updates which offer great insights, Google Data Studio will revolutionise the way you use reports. You’ll be amazed at its capabilities and that you’re once un-read monthly offering is now keenly anticipated by your stakeholders.

To help you to familiarise with it, we’ve compiled some of our favourite features of the software.

  1. 1. Great Looking Reports

    Only a short time ago, creating easy to consume, accurate and great looking reports required expensive software and considerable amounts of time. Google Data Studio has streamlined this process, revolutionising the way digital professionals can present the results of their work.

    Data Studio is at its core, a visualisation tool, designed to make reporting fun and creative. The vivid nature of the platform, brimming with bold and colourful charts, allows business owners to take in key information faster and to make smarter decisions.

    2. Source Data from Many Platforms

    Perhaps the most useful and efficient feature of Data Studio is the ability to source live data from several platforms into a single report.

    The platforms you can draw from include Adwords, Google Analytics, Search Console, Attribution 360, Big Query, MySQL, and YouTube Analytics, and around 150 more. It’s also possible to extract and visualize data from Google Sheets.

    This means that you can share a whole host of insights with your stakeholders in a simple, accessible format.

    3.Real-Time, Dynamic Staging

    Every report that you create in Data Studio is dynamic. This means that if you change any of the information in your data sources, the software will automatically update.

    You can also filter reports based on parameters such as date and time.

    4. Easy to Share

    Once you’ve mastered gathering data and presenting insights it’s time to share with your stakeholders. Sharing your reports is simple. Just send your co-workers the hyperlink and grant permission to edit the pages. As with Google Sheets, you don’t have to install software, as Data Studio is cloud-based. This means that colleagues and clients can access your reports with ease.

    5. Use and Create Templates

    Another useful function is the ability to create, edit and save templates for your reports. Its’s easy to do and makes getting results together fun and efficient.

    However, if you’re not inclined to re-invent the wheel there are thousands of ready-made templates to choose from. This is a great way to get started if you’re new to the software and looking for inspiration. You can find these in the ‘Marketing Templates’ section.

    To get going using Data studio, try the GA Behaviour Overview which pulls the most relevant sections of Google Analytics into a dashboard. From here, you can begin to experiment and unlock the potential of this game-changing software.

    If you’d like to know more about how Google Data Studio can help your business, contact one of our experts today on or 0161 820 7628