There has been a lot of buzz around using automation to optimise PPC accounts and whilst many advertisers have started using this approach, there are those who insist traditional PPC is still the most effective way of running an account.
The key reasons advertisers use automation is to gain a deeper understanding of customers and prospects, plus it reduces time on administration and allows for a more data-driven approach to marketing. Whilst these are perfectly good reasons for using automation there are also a few downsides.
Automation tools don’t account for the context of performance that is measured through conversion tracking, for example, conversions could be affected if there was an issue with a landing page. Moreover, it doesn’t understand factors that have an impact on an industry.
The traditional method of PPC allows advertisers to optimise accounts on a more granular level and therefore enable advertisers to apply their knowledge of the industry, customers and prospects to activity within the account. This then allows advertisers to provide a deeper explanation of account activity to clients.
However, for 2019 it seems the argument between using either manual or automated PPC is starting to shift. Now we are seeing more advertisers starting to adopt the Hybrid Approach. This new approach is designed to use both traditional and automated PPC methods to ensure the account is hitting its overall goal.
The reason for this shift could be due to Google creating automation tools designed to support smaller businesses. They recently introduced Smart and Local Campaigns. Smart Campaigns aim to achieve the advertiser’s goal through adjusting bids and delivery accordingly. Local Campaigns drive in-store visits by automatically generating ads based on ad creatives from the advertiser and location extensions.
Whatever the reason is, smaller businesses should consider including this new Hybrid Approach to their PPC strategies for 2019. Otherwise, they could be missing out on key opportunities.
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