According to a report conducted by Juniper Research, Amazon’s share of global digital ad spend is estimated to grow from 3% to 8% by 2023.

A report by Mintel in March 2019 showed more Amazon shoppers increased their shopping (21%) with the retailer than decreased it (13%). Overall, most (70%) Amazon customers shop with them at least once a month, while 17% use the retailer on a weekly basis.

The research also shows 4/10 customers have access to Amazon Prime – their growth into the world of media is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Subscription-based services and next day delivery options have made it easier than ever to receive purchases almost instantaneously. Why fight the crowds and queue when you can simply add to basket on your phone or tablet. With this shift in consumer behaviour swaying towards convenience and driven by technology, many brands are under pressure to reconsider whether their marketing mix is still relevant.

Trying to find customers is taken out of the equation when selling via Amazon, the customers are already there. The ability to show ads to a wide spectrum of consumers means the company is visible in just about every industry, with an almost endless list of products to browse.

Amazon Can Align With Your eCommerce Store

When selling on Amazon you don’t necessarily need to have your own website (although some website builds are highly compatible). The hard work is already done, with large volumes of customers already beginning their search on the platform anyway.

Amazon currently has a 30% market share of the UK eCommerce market. Brands who can consider the opportunity of using Amazon as a viable marketplace will be able to maintain a competitive advantage over those trying to compete. Unless retailers can come up with a strategy to complete with the convenience obsessed mindset of the platform’s consumers it will be near impossible to match the benefits that it offers to shoppers.

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