Today’s content creators have access to vast sources of inspiration and creative technology, allowing them to work more efficiently and push boundaries. Despite this, the principles of creating great marketing campaigns remain the same; blend captivating stories with great-looking design, fascinating data with original ideas and remarkable business results can be achieved.
The campaigns below are a selection of notable efforts from 2018. Each is excellent in their own way, yet they share identical accolades; bolstering organic search efforts, driving relevant traffic and strengthening their respective brand.
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Grindr: Into
In 2017, gay-dating app Grindr expanded its remit into media with an online publication – Into, which has set itself apart by focusing on younger members of the LGBT community. They consistently deliver captivating content around a variety of topics including culture, travel,  relationships, politics, and social issues, all with a modern LGBTQ perspective. The response has been unprecedented as the site has consistently attracted 4 million visitors a month, worldwide.
Patagonia: The Cleanest Line
A leading voice in environmental issues, The Cleanest Line is the work of mountaineering fashion brand, Patagonia. It combines cutting-edge views from the fight against climate change, stunning photography of the natural world and hiking tips from industry experts. Given the quality of the work on show it’s no surprise they speak to a devout following of over 3 million subscribers.
Shutterstock: 2018 Creative Trends
Every day marketers from around the world head to to download their vast collection of stock images, videos and sounds. At the end of the year, the team at Shutterstock analyse their search data to highlight key search trends and present the results in a colourful, consumable infographic. This campaign has been a hit with designers around the world and was featured in publications such as business insider and marketing week.
Santander: Prosper and Thrive 
Aimed at Millennials, Prosper and Thrive is a financial advice content hub which has gone from strength to strength in 2018 attracting over 1 million visitors this year. Unlike typical finance publications, P&T has a vibrant aesthetic and a personable tone which helps to soften the edges around subjects younger customers may find intimidating or dull.
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