At PushON, we know the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to search trends, which is why our SEO team jumped at the chance of attending this year’s BrightonSEO, the world’s largest search marketing conference.

It may have been an online-only affair this year, but BrightonSEO attracts speakers at the forefront of their fields from all around the globe to share their wisdom. Boasting a mix of theoretical, inspirational and hands-on talks, BrightonSEO promises to help search marketers find ways to do their jobs that little bit better.

Here are some of the highlights from the conference

Building web apps in Python to automate SEO tasks

As any SEO knows, it’s a job that requires you to carry out small tasks in ways that might not be the quickest but are vital. SEO consultant Charlie Wargnier put together a talk explaining how to cut those corners in a way that is scalable with Python by designing your own apps. This is an inventive way to target any SEO pain points for both clients and SEO professionals alike, meaning you can spend more time focusing on the crucial analysis and research than on gathering data.

Ashley Berman Hale, technical SEO lead at DeepCrawl, gave a talk that tied in nicely, focusing on the future of automation within tech SEO and how we can use it to streamline the overall process. Automating how sites are checked and monitored – particularly when they are in staging – would be a great step forward.

Search strategies for new product launches

Tug Agency’s SEO director, Eilish Hughes, delivered a great talk on how to approach search strategies for new and emerging brands that don’t currently have any search volume. Breaking it into three different audience profiles that are all at different stages of the conversion funnel – considering, curious and unaware – Eilish outlined a 4-step strategy for each audience to show marketers the most effective way of reaching them.

Although paid media is a useful tool for raising awareness of new brands, a solid SEO strategy is vital from the get-go!

Crawling and indexing for JavaScript-heavy sites

Search engines may have come a long way when it comes to indexing JavaScript-heavy sites, but it’s still a pretty daunting task for many SEOs. More and more sites are being built in JavaScript due to its ability to make websites more interactive – but this does mean the sites behave differently, so Google has to crawl, render and index the sites differently. Technical SEO Consultant Dave Smart gave an informative talk to break down the process and make it more user-friendly.

Easy and powerful SEO and CRO improvements for eCommerce

eCommerce consultant Luke Carthy delivered a fantastic talk on how to reframe SEO improvements in a way that gets decision-makers to understand their value – after all, decision-makers tend to care more about improving sales and reducing costs than rankings. He broke it down into 10 steps, laying out areas of eCommerce sites that you might not even consider optimising, but can actually make the biggest difference.

A new way of link building

Gone are the days where you could simply pick up the phone to a journalist and secure instant coverage – in 2021, you have to be a little more creative. Stacy MacNaught discussed the innovative ways that digital PRs can achieve links without having to cold call a list of media contacts. The key takeaway? You don’t always have to BE the story – supporting someone else’s story can be an equally effective way to build up links for your brand.

Thanks to all the inspiring speakers at BrightonSEO for a brilliant couple of days!

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