The world of digital marketing is moving quickly and it’s important to keep up to date with the latest industry news

Here are some of the key headlines that resonated with us this week.

Coronavirus Disrupting Search And Digital Ad Budgets

Analysts are predicting ad revenue declines in travel and other industries.

There is evidence of lower spending in travel, retail, consumer packaged

goods and entertainment, which is estimated to represent 30%-45%

of Facebook’s total revenue.

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The Main Standards Of Great Content

What is considered as great content is constantly changing with different users digesting

content in a different manner. Content and marketing trends change and with this so will content creation tactics.

Great content answers users questions, is original, user generated and results focused.

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Facebook Sues Namecheap Over Cybersquatting

Facebook filed a lawsuit against domain name registrar, Namecheap and Whoisguard.

Facebook has accused them of not cooperating over the domain and infringing Facebook

trademarks. It has been claimed that numerous domains were registered with Whoisguard

that resembled domains of Facebook related sites.

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Using The Power Of Amazon Data

Using data from Amazon can be powerful as you learn what Amazon values and their customers.

Data can be gathered from best selling ASIN’s within a category to identify keywords that will convert the most customers.

Furthermore, this information can then be used in copywriting to ensure you are equal to the best selling competition.

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