Keep on top of what’s happening in the world of digital commerce and marketing. Here’s a collation of a few things that resonated with us this week.

Key Areas Of Content Marketing To Focus On

Interest in content marketing has evidently risen over the past decade (see the below chart showing interest over time from Google trends.)

Source (Google Trends)

Take a closer look at the 4 main areas to focus on as interest rises in engaging in marketing through content.

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What Is The March 1st Update?

Towards the end of last year, Google announced a 2 stage update to how it treats no follows. The first part of the update that affects rankings has already taken place. The 2nd part of the update that will affect crawling and indexing Is scheduled for March 1st.

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Google Ads Enables Audience Sharing Between Accounts

You will now be able to enable audience sharing within your account. This means you no longer have to share them manually. Instead, just enable and remarketing lists will now be shared across all accounts.

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Amazon Advertising Updates 2020

Amazon is making changes across the entire platform for advertisers after introducing a number of new features over the past few months.

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