This week we have another mixture of digital marketing news to catch up on and not forgetting our Friday Fact.

DuckDuckGo Now A Default Search Engine Option On Android Within EU

DuckDuck Go is to be offered as an option for default search engine on Android devices across the EU.

Now, Google has to present Android users with the option to choose their own default search engine when setting up a European Android device that has the Google app built-in.

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Google To Make It Easier To Revisit Similar Pages

Google Is expanding its collections in search feature., which allows users to manually create groups of like pages.

Using AI, Google will automatically group together similar pages in a collection.

Once a collection is saved, Google can help users discover even similar pages by tapping on a “find more” button.

There will also be a collaboration feature that allows users to share and create collections with other people.

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Amazon Set To Try And Conquer Luxury Fashion Sector

Entering a crowded field of digital luxury players but offering two invaluable assets: unparalleled  logistics capabilities and 100 million prime members. This isn’t the first attempt at trying to break into the luxury fashion market, after a failed attempt in 2012 after struggling to sell high- end items next to discounted lines. The new platform will work similar to that of a department store concession model in a department store, where a brand can run a mini-shop inside a store.

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The PPC Shifts Of 2019 That Will Shape Marketing In 2020

The big things that we said goodbye and hello to in paid search that will inform campaigns in 2020.

Goodbye to average position metric, accelerated delivery, closed variant expansions and position-based bidding strategies.

Hello to monetized discover feed, hotter digital commerce offerings, more responsive search ads, new audiences, commuter targeting, new smart bidding levers and new ad extensions.

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 Friday Fact

“The first iPhone wasn’t made by Apple. The first mobile device to be called an iPhone was made by Cisco.”