Download Complete Sets Of Data From Search Console

Google is upgrading search console, enabling users to download full sets of data. Previously, users could only download specific tables. When exporting from an enhanced report, Search Console will now give users full data behind the charts.

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Google Explains Gradual Declines In Ranking

John Mueller from Google answered the main reasons a site can experience gradual declines in ranking. According to his answer there are five main reasons.

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Manage Pages On The Go With Facebook Creator Studio App

Facebook is launching a new app that will assist users with managing their page content and monitor performance via mobile. The app will offer Insight, editing, messaging, multi-account support and notifications.

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Ask Me Anything About PPC

Search Engine Journal will be launching a new monthly column on the second Tuesday of every month. “Ask me anything about PPC” will answer questions about paid search, paid social and digital advertising.”

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