If you’re a fan of using the domain authority score from Moz for outreach and link acquisition, be aware, changes are on the way. Moz recently announced a new domain authority (DA) metric is about to undergo a much-welcomed refresh.

Educating Yourself on the Changes Ahead

Moz has stated the changes could be disruptive to reporting. So, if you’re in-house team, agency or client rely on the DA metric to report back to stakeholders, it would be worth educating yourself on the changes ahead. You wouldn’t want to find yourself red-faced if there’s been a drop in your websites DA score and you don’t understand why.
The new and improved DA metric is due to be rolled out globally on or around the 5th March 2019.
Moz plans to provide additional resources to help us all acclimatise with 2.0.

New Machine Learning Algorithm

New metrics will be factored into its new machine learning algorithm to gauge the strength and credibility of a website. Experts are predicting that most websites will have a lower rating as happened with AHREFs updated their Domain Rating (DR) last year.

Guide to Domain Authority (DA) 2.0

Moz has provided a handy whitepaper that you can share around with your colleagues and industry-side friends, get it here.