In the evolving world of digital advertising, maintaining a competitive edge is of utmost importance. Meta, a renowned technology powerhouse recognised for its creative advertising approach, has unveiled a revolutionary approach: the Advantage+ campaigns. This article will explore the makeup of Meta’s Advantage+ campaigns and their advantages to advertisers.

Understanding Advantage+ Campaigns:

Meta’s Advantage+ campaigns are a strategic advertising approach that harnesses the power of extensive user data and sophisticated algorithms. These campaigns offer advertisers a unique opportunity to elevate their reach and engagement by leveraging Meta’s platforms, which include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

  • Data-Driven Insights – Advantage+ campaigns capitalise on Meta’s wealth of user data. Advertisers gain invaluable insights into user behaviour, preferences, and demographics. This allows for highly targeted and personalised campaigns, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience.
  • Cross-Platform Synergy – Meta’s Advantage+ takes advantage of its diverse ecosystem of platforms. Advertisers can seamlessly extend their campaigns across various Meta platforms, enabling consistent brand exposure and message reinforcement.
  • Algorithmic Precision – Meta’s advanced algorithms are pivotal in Advantage+ campaigns. These algorithms optimize campaign delivery in real-time, identifying the most opportune moments for ad placement and ensuring maximum impact.

5 tips before you begin:

To help you make the most out of your Advantage+ campaigns, we’ve put together a checklist of tips. Here’s a rundown of suggestions to make your campaign creation process more streamlined.

  1. Get Creative: It’s great to use between 20 to 50 creatives. This gives the algorithm plenty of material to work with, enabling it to refine its strategies and boost overall campaign performance.
  2. Budget with Care: Take some time to consider your budget and allocations. Budgets are still an important factor that human expertise contributes to. Plan an overall budget and guide the platform on allocating it across the sales funnel.
  3. Data Delight: More data is always better. Supplying ample data to the platform enhances its performance. If you’ve been advertising across Meta’s properties for a while, that’s even better. Advantage+ can learn faster by examining past performance results across Meta’s platforms.
  4. Measure for Success: Whether you’re using a pixel, conversion API, or another tool, measurement is crucial for a successful Advantage+ campaign. These signals guide the system’s future decisions as it refines and optimizes strategies. Like any campaign, trying to run Advantage+ without proper measurement is like navigating blindfolded.
  5. Consolidate for Impact: Remember that Advantage+ campaigns work best when they’re consolidated. Since you’ll be using broad targeting, campaigns aimed at very specific demographics, locations, or profile types might not be as effective on Advantage+.

Meta Advantage+ campaign types

Advantage+ offers you two main campaign options to choose from. One for shopping campaigns, while the second one is designed for use with apps.

No matter which campaign you go for, you can gather all your different ad types (like static, video, dynamic, etc.) and put them together in a single campaign. This special campaign lets you reach your audience at every step of their journey.

You don’t have to worry about splitting your ads into different stages like prospecting, retargeting, and keeping customers engaged. Instead, Meta’s smart machine learning looks at what you want to achieve and the best ways to advertise on Meta’s platforms.

Do not leave it unattended!

Similar to other methods of advertising that involve ‘black box’ processes, where algorithms play a primary role in experimentation and optimisation, it is essential for marketers to maintain control over the campaign’s performance throughout its duration. Specifically, careful monitoring of three key factors that remain under your control is imperative:

  1. The information you input into Meta,
  2. Ad Creative,
  3. The results & data provided by the campaign.

Each of these components holds significant importance and requires human control. Interestingly, this human involvement can yield an additional 15% enhancement in performance, complementing the 20% improvement already provided by algorithms.


Meta’s Advantage+ campaigns have emerged as a groundbreaking approach in the dynamic space of digital advertising. Leveraging the potential of extensive user data and sophisticated algorithms, these campaigns offered by Meta empower advertisers to expand their reach and engagement across platforms in a way that most other offerings can.

Despite AI leading the charge when it comes to Advantage+ we cannot stress more the importance of maintaining human oversight over campaign management by inputting data, optimising ad creative, and understanding campaign results. This combined approach of human involvement and algorithmic sophistication yields superior campaign performance, highlighting the synergy between technology and human expertise.