According to a report conducted by Adobe, one of the key digital trends large and small organisations are focusing on in 2019 is personalising their customer experience. Although you will find most organisations are already making this a priority, it’s important to remember customers’ expectations grow all the time and therefore there’s no room for complacency.
The report also mentions 20% of the B2B sector is most excited about optimising the customer experience in 2019. Whilst 21% of the B2C sector is interested in data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual; however, you could argue this also links to improving the customer experience.
For PPC advertisers, cross-channel advertising seems to be a key focus for 2019. As all advertisers are aware, it’s not enough to just be seen across Google, companies also need to be seen across Bing, Amazon and Social Media Channels.
This focus on cross-channel advertising also feeds into the 2019 trend the Adobe report discovered. Advertisers are ensuring they keep their customers engaged through each stage of the conversion funnel by delivering positive experiences to keep customers wanting more.
The report also highlights the top challenge for advertisers in 2019; ‘difficulty getting a holistic view of the customers across all interactions.’ This isn’t a surprise with the growing number of customer touch points that advertisers must cater to, to ensure they deliver a seamless customer experience.
This could be why the B2C sector is increasingly interested in data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual. Because the better use of data, leads to more effective audience segmentation and targeting and therefore creating a more personalised customer experience.
Ivan Pollard also supports this in Adobe report “data is going to unlock the complexity of any number of customer journeys and we can understand and connect with them at the right time. And every one of them will be slightly different”.
In addition to this, respondents from the Adobe report predict that delivering personalised experiences in real time will be the most exciting prospect in three years’ time.
Therefore, it seems all advertisers need to continue their efforts in personalising the customer journey or start making it a priority. This is to ensure customer loyalty as well as remain competitive within their industries.