What is the right thing to do in eCommerce? So much demand for expertise and so little time to find it. Well, there are no hard and fast answers. It depends on what’s right for your business and your customers. However, that expertise, that capability to understand what your business needs is hard to come by. Unless you come to Hypercommerce. We have gathered an unrivaled range of experts in eCommerce who can help you with your planning for eCommerce in 2018 into 2019 whatever the challenges you face are. And of course, we have the Worlds leading B2C and B2B eCommerce platform, Magento, in attendance as well. So who will be speaking? Of course, there is us:

  • PushON: Planning for Magento eCommerce Success
  • Dotmailer: Hitting the mark
  • UKFast: Five Killer Moves to Optimise eCommerce Success
  • Bright Pearl: Empowering business to equip themselves to capitalize on hyper commerce
  • TrustPilot: Social proof: what it is, why it works, and how to use it
  • Bunting: Rapid Personalisation: The Hidden Opportunities that Will Turn Your Visitors into Customer
  • BLM Solicitors: Life After GDPR – Data Protection And E-Commerce

There will also be round-tables at each event and an opportunity to meet the speakers and talk in detail about the challenges you face.
Yes, I did say “each event”. This is a series of events which we will tour around England, so you’ve got a greater chance of being able to get to one.
The dates we have are:
Thursday 21st June: Bristol Sign up Here
Thursday 12th July: London Sign up Here
Wednesday 18th July: Manchester Sign up Here
These are half-day seminars. We will have keynote speakers at each event. Leaders in their fields whose knowledge could be transformational for your business. Details will be on each event page. There’s food, there’s the opportunity to network during and after. What more could you want?
We think this is a great line up. Is there anything more we could add? Oh and it’s free.
This is a client-side only event. If you’re an agency, we run other events that you will be welcome to come along to.
Want to know more about the sessions and speakers?
Well, that’s all here:
Sam Rutley: Managing Director
All too frequently planning for deployment of a Magento eCommerce website is under-resourced and not well understood. A major development of a website may well impact on many areas of your business and of course the resource in each department. How do you specify, plan and resource a major e-commerce development so that it is delivered to specification, time and cost
Jonathan Bowers: Managing Director
Five Killer Moves to Optimise eCommerce Success
With ever-increasing retail spend happening online, retailers are presented with a golden opportunity to increase sales and develop their business. However, many eCommerce businesses are failing to maximise conversions and realise their true potential.
While marketing efforts and expensive campaigns bring in visitors, conversions and sales don’t always rise at the same rate. UKFast Enterprise Managing Director Jonathan Bowers uncovers five ways businesses can convert their thinking and reduce cart abandonment, avoiding missed opportunities and boosting their bottom line.
Empowering business to equip themselves to capitalize on hyper commerce
We live in an age of instant gratification – it’s a truism now, we’re all used to being able to access content, information, services, our social networks in more or less real-time, with none of the delays and frustrations that were commonplace even five years ago. And this has extended into the world of shopping too – whether it’s clothing brands having catwalk fashions in-store within days, or Amazon driving delivery times down to minutes, online shopping experiences have changed our expectations, and whether you like it or not, as a merchant you can’t ignore it. Find out how you can capitalize on the opportunity successful.
We’ll talk about back-office operations including efficiency, next day delivery, customer service, data and returns
Paul Levy: Head of Business Development
Rapid Personalisation: The Hidden Opportunities that Will Turn Your Visitors into Customers
Within this presentation Paul Levy, Bunting’s Head of Business Development will talk about several personalisation strategies which can be used by eCommerce businesses to make the most of each visitor journey. Paul will also discuss theories of how personalisation will evolve in the future and what effect this will have on eCommerce
Trust Pilot
Ash Rama: Global Head of Training
Social proof: what it is, why it works, and how to use it
Ash will cover the concept of social proof, and why it has often proven to be more powerful than advertising. Ash Rama, our Global Head of Training, will take you through real-life examples of social proof that influence each and every one of us every day, as well as all the different types of social proof you can find, and how to leverage them to grow your business and sales.
BLM Solicitors
Steve Kuncewicz
Life After GDPR – Data Protection And E-Commerce
You’ve all had the e-mails, no matter how hard you try to escape them. Data Protection has changed after 25 May and this interactive session will give you a map of the new compliance landscape and practical tips on how to ensure you and your clients build solutions which won’t attract the attention of the ICO, build databases with value and continue to prosper in a digital marketing ecosystem that will soon have to reckon with the incoming ePrivacy Regulation.