And so we came to the end of our UK Tour. 3 gigs with a great line-up of eCommerce masters, sharing knowledge that will, without a doubt, make the businesses that attended better at what they do. We were blessed with some great weather as we traveled to Bristol, London and Manchester to talk about Magento and how to make the most of it. Brightpearl were our hosts in Bristol. What a great city that is, such a relaxed atmosphere yet exuding capability. We had a look at the digital infrastructure while we were there and were kindly hosted by TechSpark at their awards. Such a vibrant air of innovation.
Our next Hypercommerce session was in London, kindly hosted by dotMailer at their premises by London bridge. A great business is not just a product, it’s the people behind the product and we’ve always had a great relationship with dotMailer. Nothing is too much trouble, which is how they also run their support
The final event brought us back to Manchester and the wonderful new facilities at UK Fast. Quite a tremendous auditorium which they share liberally with the sector and the community as well. It’s so important that we engage with youth to facilitate their entry into the digital sector and UK Fast have been superb in doing that via the facilities that they share.
Anyway, back to the event. The comments we have received from the attendees were heart-warming. I wouldn’t shy away from being clear that we hope to do business with some of the people who came along. But in the view of all the partners in the event, you earn the opportunity to speak about business by showing genuine value. So to be told that:

  • “We’ve learnt more today than in the past year”,
  • “You’ve given us confidence that we can progress our business with Magento”
  • “That’s a hell of a lot to think about!”

This means we’re doing what we set out to achieve. Now, sadly, you may not have been there. We would still like you to benefit from the knowledge that was shared. So, in no particular order, here are our partners and their presentations where we have them:
Brightpearl addressed customer expectation post purchase. How do they expect fulfillment to occur?
Empowering business to capitalize on Hypercommerce
The delightful Steve Kuncewicz from BLM Solicitors, general media legal go to guy gave probably the Worlds only interesting GDPR presentation. My words not his. Seriously, this was genuinely useful.
Life after GDP: Data Protection and eCommerce
TrustPilot are the default provider for reviews. Cunningly taking the stars above the line. And this about social proof is very compelling
Social proof: what it is, why it works, and how to use it
Having a hosting partner that understand the reality of commerce is essential. UK Fast know it’s more than boxes and the impact is has on your ability to do business online.
Five Killer Moves to Optimise eCommerce Success
And PushON? We talked about how we manage large scale eCommerce development projects so they run the specification, time and cost.
Planning for eCommerce Success
dotMailer are a true global phenomenon which gives them massive resource and the ability to do weighty research projects. They know what you need to do to succeed. They presented insights from their Hit the Mark research.
Hitting the Mark-Inspiration from 100 Global Retail Brands
That’s already a considerable amount of learning to absorb but we thought it not enough. So when it came to Manchester, we added in two heavy weight key note speakers. We started the day with a an examination of how the UK is leading the World in eCommerce strategy and deployment. And no one is better to deliver such a learned piece than the mighty brain that is Richard Gregory.
The British eMpire
But to the end the day, we wanted something particularly sexy. The work that Endless Gain are doing with Biometric data should absolutely make the hairs at the back of your neck stand up with excitement. We were fortunate enough to have the CEO, Neil McKay along to present for us. Quite remarkable
Biometrics: The evolution of Optimisation.
This isn’t the end of course. PushON regularly put on events. Most often, we run the Magento Meetup in Manchester
As ever, if you have a question, please do ask.