Amazon is unrivalled within eCommerce. From back-bedroom businesses to bulk-buy multinationals, online sellers simply cannot afford to operate without at least some representation on the platform. Such is their dominance, 9 out of 10 consumers now price check products there before buying.

They are unrivalled in terms of reach and sales and due to this unprecedented popularity, in almost every market there is fierce competition amongst sellers to be featured as Amazon’s Choice, Bestseller or Buy Box. This can result in a loss of valuable time and resource ensuring that products meet the credentials.

Embrace the Power of Amazon

So, what does this mean for online businesses that are keen to embrace the power of Amazon but reluctant to give up their autonomy and digital real estate?

For the near future at least, integrating Amazon into your Magento strategy is strongly advised. Fortunately, the product data fields in Magento 2 are fully compatible with Amazon Seller Ad and the latest Magento plugins mean that alignment from your Magento 2 store to is now easier than ever.

CedCommerce has created Amazon Integration for Magento 2. This fantastic plugin allows sellers to align listings, prices, and orders across the Magento 2 store and Amazon without requiring changes to your operational functionalities.

Amazon Integration for Magento 2 allows you to establish categories and attributes within the Magento 2 store. This can save considerable amounts of time when entering information such as product numbers – particularly when dealing with large quantities of products.

Other useful features include single-click bulk product upload, real-time data synchronization, advanced order, and shipment notifications.

Additionally, there are plugins which facilitate other integrations – Magento FBA, Magento Fulfilment and Magento Feed are designed to automate and speed up your experience.

If you’d like to learn more about Amazon Integration for Magento 2’s capabilities contact a member of our team today. Whether you’re interested in full migration, an upgrade or marketing across the platform, one of our in-house experts will be able to answer all your questions.